Zambra 44.1 (1993) 22’40”
fixed electronics stereo

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fixed electronics stereo




Ars Sonora Program, Radio 2, RNE (Radio Nacional de España)



Ars Sonora Program, Radio 2, RNE (Radio Nacional de España)



Radio Nacional de España


program notes

(1st version 1993, dur = 26’12”)

(2nd version 1994, dur=22’40” definitive)

Texts:  popular and by Adolfo Núñez

Produced at the author’s studio, at the LIEM-CDMC (Laboratorio de Informática y Electrónica Musical from the Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea) and Música-2 from RNE (Spanish National Radio).

Production at Radio-Clasica RNE, radio program “Ars Sonora”, directed by José Iges.

Voices: Juan María Urbano, Ana Vega Toscano, José Iges and Rafael Taibo.

RNE technicians: Manuel and Juan José Endangering. LIEM-CDMC technician: Juan Antonio Avila

First version finished 17-9-1993

Dedicated to José Iges.


The piece is a “channel-surfing”, i.e. what is heard by a radio listener that jumps back and forth between three different radio programs: a news show, a broadcasting of a contemporary music concert and a pop-music program. The leading thread are several short texts taken from flamenco popular songs as well as flamenco rhythms and sounds like guitar phrases, clapping, heel-clicking, “jaleos” (shouting to encourage dancers) and guitar.


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