Water Boulder Music (2003) 13’
stereo recorded electronics

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Festival Punto de Encuentro, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid, España

Adolfo Núñez, sound diffusion



III Premio SGAE Internacional de Música Electroacústica 2003 (3rd prize)



Double CD – Premio SGAE Internacional de Música Electroacústica 2002-2003

© 2004 Iberautor Producciones Culturales, S.R.L.


program notes

The work is based on water sounds that, due to the multiple transformations, are hardly recognized. In the process of transforming the materials I got carried away by curiosity and erratic improvisation, a method that I have always tried to avoid in my composition processes, since I have always preferred to follow a path, or make a rigid planning and hope that the clash of this scheme with the irregularity of the materials will provide interesting music … and I have almost always made it, at least for my concept of “musical interest”. In the case of this work, I let myself be carried away lazily and erratically by playing with materials without preconceived ideas, although later, in the ordering of sounds over time, I did have much more discipline. The work was composed at the LIEM (CDMC of the Ministry of Culture, Madrid, Spain) and at the author’s personal study in 2003 on materials previously worked in two stays at the GRM in Paris. It corresponds to the stereo version of the octaphonic work “Quimera en danza”.