Un poème sonore (2009) 15'55"
fixed electronics 5.1

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Festival Synthèse, Palace Jacques Coeur, Bourges, France

Adolfo Núñez, sound diffusion


Institute International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges (IIMEB), France

program notes

The main realization of this piece was done at the studio Circe from IIMEB, during twelve concentrated days on July 2008, and later was finished at LIEM-CDMC (Madrid) between December-2008 and April-2009 in several short periods of work.

The piece is inspired on the visual artist Man Ray. His ability to turn his craftsmanship into art forms, when playing with material. In particular I admire his silent movies from the 1920’s which combine figurative material with abstract images like granulations, distortions from reality, movements of light and shadow by objects, etc. I think his images are sharp and clear, and in many cases are processed and developed in a very similar way as it is done in music, especially the techniques of electroacoustic music that were developed twenty years later, on the pioneer work in Radio France from 1940s and 50s. The sound objects on “music concrete” with recognizable source have the parallel on the visual objects filmed from the reality. Then the “musical objects” from which we do not recognise the source, have also the visual counterpart in very distorted images that barely resembles the original filmed. The form in Ray’s movies, which is equivalent to automatic writing, the well-known surrealistic procedure, has also many connections with the early pieces of music concrete by Schaeffer-Henry.

This piece is for recorded electroacoustic sound in format 5.1 and has some room for performance during the live diffusion. There is another version of this work that functions as a soundtrack to the silent film Emak Bakia by this great artist.