Totem (2005) 6’11”
video with fixed electronics stereo

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Museo Vostell, Malpartida, Cáceres. VIII Ciclo de Música Contemporánea

Adolfo Núñez, sound diffusion


videocreaction by

Carlos Urbina


program notes

This piece evokes a sound landscape in which the sounds of the environment are mixed or transformed by the sounds of our own imagination. At first, everything seems calm, but as the piece progresses it is as if our imagination and fears began to prevail and distort reality, and in the end we reached a sea of violent, strange, harsh and irregular sounds.

It was composed in the author’s private studio and in LIEM-CDMC (Laboratorio de Informática y Electrónica Musical from the Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea, Ministerio de Educación y Cultura from Spain).