Huecograbado (1999) 10’40”
clarinet and fixed electronics

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Performed by Albert Gumí



B-flat clarinet and stereo fixed electronics




Teatro de la Scala, Milan (Italia)

Gaspare Tirincatti, clarinet; Adolfo Núñez, electronics



LIMEN, en colaboración con Amici Musica/Realtà y Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italia



program notes

A more descriptive title would be “trip to the ocean” since the form of this piece is like a travel from a very flat land to the sea shore. At the beginning, from the distance, the ocean looks calm and flat, and as we are approaching the coast we start to distinguish the waves, later in the middle of the piece we “seal” in the water and can feel the violent movement of a stormy ocean. Translated into musical terms, from an initial setting of sound landscape where the sensations are more important than any melodic content, the music gradually evolves to a birth of melodic shapes every time more and more uneven in an irregular zigzag, making use of fluid gestures which are idiomatic in the instrument. At the same time the dialog between tape and clarinet gradually becomes more evident in the middle point which is in antiphonal form. Towards the second half the landscape comes back and flatten all rests of music. The piece tries to work as a concert music for a clarinet and an imaginary orchestra of hollow and noisy sounds. The tape part develops sound elements from the clarinet, particularly those of noise character and unpitched sounds that suggest a feeling of hollow pipe in general, very appropriate in the case of clarinet.

Written for B flat clarinet and tape, this piece has been produced in 1999 at author private studio and at the LIEM-CDMC, Computer and Electronic Music Laboratory at the Center for the Diffusion of Contemporary Music from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain. Commission from Musica-Realtá de Milan (Italy) and premiered by Gaspare Tirincanti at Festival Metaphonia, in Teatro de la Scala. Dedicated to Luigi Pestalozza.