Gamas líquidas (2000) 6’18”
stereo recorded electronics

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Galería Pi y Margall, Madrid, España




La cinta de Moebius 4-5

Aly&Cia 2004


program notes

This piece, formerly entitled “Music from the image”, I have made it based on various gestures, made in the pictorial space by the artist Eduardo Bonati, which were subsequently translated into the domain of time, that is to say to music. Of course, there is no one-on-one correspondence between the two worlds, in reality the unification or coherence that is attempted from the space of the painting to the time of music is an intuition of movement, which in each artist and in each situation would provide totally different results. Bonatti’s gestures were applied to a raw sound material close to pink noise and several fragments of my work “Jurel”. I have always been interested in processes and strategies for music composition because I believe that if the procedure and the starting materials are rich and consistent the result from the full form to the details is very likely to be so. In this case the pictorial material certainly is, and I have tried to achieve musical results that are up to it. The work was carried out in the author’s studio and at the LIEM-CDMC (from Ministry of Culture, Madrid, Spain) between March and August 2000.